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This help page will familiarise you with the available access methods, so you can approve expense reports sent to you via Cleemy Expenses.

Approving from the notification

Each expense report sent for approval in Cleemy Expenses generates a notification sent to the employee in charge of approving it. This email contains a link for immediately approving the expense report, without entering the application or viewing its details.


Approving from the homepage

Lucca’s homepage has a shortcut to Cleemy Expenses and a visual overview of tasks pending in the app. When you open these tasks, you can immediately approve expense reports one by one, without viewing the details. You can open the approval module from further down in this same shortcut.



Approving in Cleemy Expenses

Mouse-over each expense report to see the Approve option. This quick step lets you approve expense reports without viewing the details.


For more detailed approval, you can click on the expense report to open it and see the list of expenses it contains.

After opening the expense report and verifying the expenses, you can approve the expense report from the tab at the top right of the window.


After you approve an expense report, it cannot be unapproved. It must be deleted or denied during the control stage, which sends the expenses back to the Expenses tab of the employee who submitted it, who can then modify or delete it.

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