Following an Expense Report Situation

Background information

All expense reports submitted via Cleemy Expenses go through various statuses, which are triggered as steps are completed in the management workflow. This help page allows you to understand the data shown and track your expense reimbursement.

Consulting pending reimbursements

The Situation & expense reports module allows each employee to track all amounts waiting to be reimbursed by the company.

All expense reports paid using personal funds and which are being processed in Cleemy Expenses, from the time of submission to payment, contribute to the amount shown in the financial situation.

In the example below, John is waiting for a reimbursement of £120.
The 1/43 shown means that this amount is spread over 1 expense report, of a total of 43 expense reports already processed via Cleemy Expenses. It is expense report no.1445.


Employees who received advances on expenses can also view the available advance balance.
The details of advance transactions appear when you click on the advances window.
This way, you can track charges to temporary and/or permanent advances on each expense report and see when new advances are credited to you.


Filtering statuses

At any time, you can view your expense reports by processing status.
Expense reports grouped together with the same status are shown and can be opened to view.



All statuses shown in Cleemy Expenses are available in the list above.

As an expense report makes its way through the management workflow, the expense report’ status will change until it finally reaches the Paid status. Refused or cancelled expense reports will remain available to view, without their status changing.

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