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As a Pagga Compensation administrator, you can import fixed and variable remuneration items over multiple periods. This scenario will occur if you want to import a remuneration history or after a pay rise campaign.

Importing fixed remuneration items (FRI)

You can import FRIs from the Configuration > Import tab.

For this purpose, in the ‘Description of the file format’ menu, you will find the template of the file being imported, the characteristics for each piece of data requested and the errors you could encounter.


When the file is completed, you can import it using this same interface.

If there are errors in your file, they will be explained when you try to import this file. You will then have to change these items in your Excel file before retrying the import.

In most cases, only a few lines will have errors, so Pagga Compensation will give you the option to import the error-free lines, but those with errors will not be imported.

After completing an import, you will find the file you imported and the import report in the ‘Import history’ section. The report is useful for identifying all the lines that were not imported.


Importing variable remuneration items (VRI)

There are two ways to carry out a VRI import:

  • From the ‘VRI’ tab. This tab can be accessed by managers (unlike the import tab, which is for administrators only) and only allows VRIs to be entered for one specific month
  • From the ‘Import’ tab. In this scenario, follow the same steps used for FRI imports, and you will be able to import VRIs over multiple periods simultaneously. This means you can enter items from March and April together in the same file.

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