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As an administrator of Pagga Compensation, you can import fixed and variable remuneration items over multiple periods. This case will arise if you want to import a history of remunerations or following a pay rise campaign.

Importing fixed remuneration items (FRI)

In the Settings tab Import, you have the option to import FRIs.

To do this, you will find the file template to be imported, the characteristics of each requested data item and the errors you may encounter in the "Description of the data of the import file" menu.


Once your file is complete, you can import it into this same interface.

If your file has errors, these will be explained when you try to import this file. You will then have to modify these elements in your Excel file in order to retry an import attempt.

In most cases, only a few lines will be in error. Pagga Compensation will then suggest that you import the lines without error, but the lines with errors will not be imported.

Once an import has been performed, you can find the file you imported as well as the import report in the "Import history" section. Thanks to the report, you will be able to identify all the rows that have not been imported.


Importing variable remuneration items (VRI)

VRIs can be imported in two ways:

  • From the "VRI" tab. Unlike the import tab which is reserved for administrators, this tab may be accessible to managers and will only allow VRIs to be entered for a specific month. Here is more on the subject: Importing variable remuneration items (VRI) in bulk over a period.
  • From the import tab. In this case, the operation will be identical to importing FRIs and will allow you to import VRIs over several periods simultaneously. That is, you will be able to populate the same file with items from both March and April.

Please note: the imported remunerations will appear in the payroll export.

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