Creating Cross-Disciplinary Groups

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The ‘View schedule’ tab in Timmi Absences shows your schedule and your co-workers’ schedules, filtering them by department or legal entity.

For example, as part of a project, you may need to view the schedule of individuals belonging to different departments or different legal entities. To make this task easier, you can create cross-disciplinary groups to get an overview of their schedule in a single click.

In this article, we will cover the steps for:

Creating a group

In the department selection field, click on the ‘Manage my groups’ link. A window will open showing:

  • in the left-hand column: the groups to which you have access
  • in the right-hand column: the groups you own.


Click on ‘Create a group’. You will then be able to add all or some of the users whose schedules you can access, with the option to filter by department or legal entity. You can also name your group in this view.

Sharing a group

When you create a cross-disciplinary group, you are, by default, the only person who can access it. If you want to give other employees access to it, you have to share the group with these people. To do this, click on ‘Share this group’ at the bottom of the right-hand column and select the employees with whom you wish to share the group


Displaying a group

Once the group has been created and saved, you can display it by clicking on the ‘All departments’ filter and clicking on the name of your group, at the bottom of the list.


Modifying a group

To change a group’s members or settings, click first on ‘Manage my groups’, then on the name of the group you wish to edit in the ‘Groups I created’ column.

The members of the group will be shown and you will then be able to add new users in the left-hand column or delete members using the waste bin icon in the right-hand column.

You will also be able to edit the list of people with whom the group is shared.


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