Analytical axes in Lucca

Background information

In Lucca, analytical axes are shared between Cleemy Expenses, for managing expense reports, and Timmi Timesheet, for managing time.

Create and modify analytical axes and their sections from the settings cogwheel at the top right, then Analytical axes. These different procedures are explained on our Creating and Managing Analytical Axes help page.

Analytical axes in Cleemy Expenses

If you have cost accounting (by cost centre, project, task, etc.), you can manage these axes in Cleemy Expenses in order to send expense charges to your accounting.

You can find more information about managing analytical axes in Cleemy Expenses on our Implementing Analytical Axes in Cleemy Expenses help page.

Analytical axes in Timmi Timesheet

If you have Timmi Timesheet in activities mode, you can use analytical axes to define which projects, tasks, etc. your employees can post time on.

You can find more information about how analytical axes work in Timmi Timesheet on our Restricting Analytical Axes Available in Timesheets help page.

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