Using the "Absence to be Justified"

Background information

From the ‘Manage the schedule’ module, you can manage leave for an employee or a group of employees (enter/modify/cancel leave) and also declare working days or days off.

This article handles a very specific type of leave: the absence ‘to be justified’

Absence ‘to be justified’

In Timmi Absences, you can enter employees’ unanticipated absences.

This absence ‘to be justified’ can be entered for the employee using Timmi Absences’s ‘Manage the schedule’ module, if a manager informs you that an employee is absent, for example. When the absence is reported, you do not know if it is sick leave or an issue leading to RTT, annual leave or other unpaid leave, etc.

This leave is temporary: it will not be exported to payroll. It will have to be modified or potentially deleted.

Entering an absence ‘to be justified’ for an employee

To place an employee on leave:

  1. select the employee in question from the drop-down list
  2. select the leave’s period
  3. select the account for the absence ‘to be justified’ in the list of accounts
  4. determine who will be notified when this leave is submitted: usually the employee and their manager (and/or the person who reported the absence)
  5. enter a comment if applicable
  6. click Save


How do you track absences? How are they modified/deleted?

These absences are highlighted in your administrative tasks: they are centralised in the ‘To do list’ menu in the ‘Leaves for which the absence type must be specified’ section:


If you are waiting for the employee to clarify, you can remind them from this menu by clicking on the ‘Remind by email’ link.

As soon as you know whether you are entering sick leave or annual leave for the employee, you can click on ‘Qualify the leave’. Timmi Absences then takes you back to the ‘Manage the schedule’ menu for this employee and has this absence pre-selected. You can modify it by selecting an account in the drop-down list:


Timmi Absences indicates the action that will take place—deleting the temporary absence ‘to be justified’ and entering the leave or sick leave (for more information on managing sick leave, please visit this help page)

On the right, indicate which employees will be notified of the modified leave, and save the action. You can also delete the absence to be justified if it was entered by mistake, for example.

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