Modifying a User’s File

Background information

The employee file is the main component of the Lucca platform. This is where you will be able to enter all the details (contract start date, roles for each solution, work cycle, bank details, etc.) for each employee. Without this file, the employee will not be able to access the platform or use the solutions.

Modifying a User’s File

It is important to update employees’ information so they have the right access and, if you have subscribed to Poplee Core HR, so their data is as up to date as possible in this electronic HR file.

Selecting a user

From the ‘Co-workers’ menu at the top right, you can access current employees’ files. The HR file ( Poplee Core HR custom employee files) or User files (employee files for using Lucca solutions without Poplee Core HR) open automatically on your own page.


The drop-down list at the left allows you to select the employee whose file you want to see. The ‘Include former employees’ option allows you to find a former employee’s file, which you can modify if they return.

File organisation

The data are organised by section: data access rights will be configured section by section.

The first section—or only section if you are not subscribed to Poplee Core HR—is mandatory: this information is necessary for Lucca solutions to work.

You can go from one section to another by clicking on the relevant section in the table of contents at the left.


Modifying an employee’s data

Editable data are indicated by the small pencil that appears when you hover your mouse over the piece of data:


Simply click on the piece of data that you want to edit and it will be highlighted.


Depending on the format of the data, you can enter text (name, email, etc.), choose a piece of data from a pre-defined drop-down list (roles, departments, etc.), enter a date (contract start date, for example) or show a relationship between several employees (for example, the manager, who is chosen from a drop-down list of users in the database).

Once the change is made to the data, you can save your change via the ‘Save’ button.

If you want to reactivate a former employee’s file, simply remove (or postpone) their contract end date.

Advanced options

All changes made to the user file are saved and you can find technical logs for them (logins for who did what and when) using the history button at the bottom right of the page.


If you have Poplee Core HR, you can also ask employees to update their data themselves via an update request.

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