Notifications sent by Timmi Timesheet


This article details the different notifications you may receive from Timmi Timesheet.

Be aware that the notifications sent to the approvers depend on the settings of the regulation in Settings> Workflow.

Reminder of timesheet submission before the timesheet's due date

If you have set the submission reminders in Settings> Workflow, the users will receive a notification a few days before or after their timesheet's due date.


Reminder of timesheet submission after the timesheet's due date

When an approver or an administrator sends a reminder from the Approval tab, a user who did not submit his timesheet before its due date will receive an email notification. It will contain the name of the sender as well as the personalized message he has written.


Reminder of timesheet approval

If a timesheet is not automatically approved when a user submits his timesheet and if the approval notifications are activated in Settings> Workflow, the approver will receive an email notification.

If the timesheet contains comments, triggers alerts or if pay elements are accounted for, they will appear in the email. The approver may approve directly the timesheet from his mail box or he can log in to the website in order to see the timesheet.


Delegation of timesheet approval

If the approver has set a delegation during his holidays for example, the delegate will receive a notification when an approval is required from the initial approver.


Approved timesheet

Once a timesheet is approved, the user will receive an email notification.

If your workflow has several steps, the user will only receive the notification once the last step is approved.


Denied timesheet

If a timesheet is denied, the user will receive a notification with the comment written by the approver.


Invalidated timesheet

If a timesheet is invalidated, the user will receive a notification with the comment written by the person who invalidated the timesheet.


Cancelled submission

A user can cancel the timesheet's submission if it has not been approved yet. The approver will then be notified.


Sending of a report

When a user shares a report by email, the recipient will receive an email notification with the report attached to it.


Action done for you

You will be notified if another person submits your timesheet, approves or denies a timesheet you were supposed to take an action on.



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