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This page lists the various email notifications sent by Timmi Timesheet. Sending notifications to approvers depends on the regulation settings in Settings > Approval process.

It is not possible to deactivate these notifications for a specific employee. If you no longer wish to receive reminders messages for a timesheet that is about to reach its due date, please contact your administrator to adjusting your settings.

Reminder for an timesheet that is about to reach its due date

If you have set up a submission reminder from Settings > Approval process, submitters will receive a notification a few days before or after their timesheet due date.

Employees who have already submitted their times when the automatic reminder is sent out will not receive a reminder.


Reminder for late timesheet

If a reminder is triggered by an approver or administrator from the Approval tab, a submitter whose submission is late receives an email notification, with the personalized message left by the person who triggered the reminder, as well as the name of that person.

Relance automatique pour une feuille de temps en retard

Une relance automatique est envoyée le lundi matin si le collaborateur a des feuilles de temps en retard.

Timesheet to approve

When a user submits a timesheet, if it is not automatically approved and the approver notification is activated from Settings > Approval process, the approver receives an email notification.

If the timesheet contains warnings, payroll variables and/or comments, these are displayed. One-click approval is possible from the email, or can log in to view the entire timesheet.


Delegation of timesheet approval

If the approver has delegated approval (e.g. while on leave), the delegate receives a notification when they are required to approve in place of the original approver. The initial approver who has delegated their approval duty will not be notified: this avoids notifying a person who is absent or has delegated their approval duty. 


Timesheet approved

Approving a timesheet triggers an email notification to the submitter.

If your approval process involves several steps, the submitter will receive notification when the last step has been approved.


Timesheet denied

A timesheet refusal triggers an email notification to the submitter, with the refusal comment entered by the approver.


The timesheet has been invalidated

When a timesheet is invalidated, an email notification is sent to the submitter. This notification includes the comment entered by the person responsible for the invalidation.


Canceling a submission

A submitter can cancel the submission as long as their timesheet has not been approved. The approver then receives a notification.


Sending a report

When a user shares a report by email, the recipient receives a notification with the report attached.


Actions performed on your behalf

You will be notified if a third party submits, approves or rejects your timesheet on your behalf.


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