Delete an existing legal entity

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There are a variety of reasons, including reorganisation, for wanting to delete an existing legal entity from your Lucca base. Please be aware that, for record-keeping purposes, no legal entity will be deleted, but it can be permanently archived.

Archiving is irreversible and can only be done under one condition: there are no active users present within it. If users are linked to the entity, you need to migrate all the employees to a new entity first.

Archiving a legal entity

Click on the cogwheel at the top right of the homepage, then on the ‘Legal entities’ tab:


No ‘legal entities’ line? Please skip to the next paragraph: No access to legal entity management

Otherwise, go to legal entity management and to the edit icon (pencil symbol). If no users are linked to this entity, a ‘Disable’ link will appear. You can then click on it to permanently archive the entity.


No access to legal entity management

Lucca relies on legal entities to manage invoicing. For this reason, legal entity management is not available to regular Lucca administrators in companies. In this case, please contact the help desk using the Submit a request form, remembering to indicate the company’s name and associated country.

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