Why can't I cancel a timesheet submission?

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Once submitted, a timesheet cannot be modified by the submitter. This is a fundamental feature of Timmi Timesheet: we protect a user's submission by guaranteeing that it will not be altered.

This page explains how to modify a timesheet that has already been submitted.

If the timesheet has not yet been fully validated

There are several options:

  • The submitter can cancel their submission and recover their timesheet to edit and re-submit it. Please note that only the author of the submission can cancel it. If someone else submits for the submitter, it will be their responsibility to cancel the submission! 
  • The approver can reject the timesheet from the approval module or directly from the timesheet. It will then revert to "in progress" or "late" status, and the submitter will be able to modify it re-submitting it.


If the timesheet is completely validated

The administrator can invalidate the timesheet from Time > Select the submitter > Select the timesheet concerned > Click on the "Invalidate" button in the top right corner:

An approver can also invalidate a timesheet if their role includes permission to invalidate the timesheets of their supervised employees.

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