The implicit payment at the time of the accounting export

Background information

There are two ways to trigger payment in Cleemy Expenses: configuring a SEPA export using the payment module or implicitly indicating that the expense reports are in the ‘paid’ status via the accounting export menu.

Configuring implicit payment

You must set up this configuration in the ‘Management rules’ menu located under ‘Settings’. After ticking the box in step 5, you can choose the time period between the expense report’s ‘Waiting for payment’ status and the ‘Paid’ status.


In this second scenario, your employees’ personal accounts are credited directly from your accounting to reimburse expense reports andthe payment module for this legal entity will not be available.

With this mode of operation, Cleemy Expenses automatically generates payment entries using exported expense reports; you can integrate them into the accounting export (or not) by configuring yourexport format.

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