Enter an absence for a group of employees

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From the Timmi Absences "Schedule Management" module, you can enter an absence for an employee or for a group of employees by clicking on the "Manage absences" tab, then on the "of a group of employees" tab.

Enter an absence for a group of employees

We will focus here on the operations needed to schedule an absence for a group of employees.

Choose the relevant group

There are four types of filters at your disposal to select the employees for whom you want to schedule leave.

  • per establishment
  • per department
  • by CSP (Occupation categories)
  • by rights accrual profile (those who have Comp days, those who do not, etc.)

You can combine these filters to refine your selection and edit it in the drop-down list of employees.

In the example below, the employee selection contains all the people who are in one of the three departments (Accounting/Finance, Sales or Production) and who are also part of the selected establishment.


Imposing an Absence

The approach is the same as when we add the absence for a single employee:

  • Choice of period: enter the calendar date.
  • Choice of leave account in which to post the absence. Use the filters first to select the people acquiring Comp days, set a day as Comp day. Then select those who do not accrue Comp days and set a leave day on the same date.
  • Choosing people to notify (right).

Timmi Absences will then inform you at the bottom right if the edit you are trying to trigger errors:

  • You can override or ignore debit balances on selected employees if you place leave on more days than they are entitled to. These employees will not be scheduled for leave.
  • or blockages for example for employees who are not working, or are at the end of their contract. These will be ignored.

Debit balances will appear in your “Actions to be carried out” as an administrator.

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