Entering Leave for a Group of Employees

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From Timmi Absences’s ‘Manage the schedule’ module, you can enter leave for an employee or a group of employees by clicking on the ‘Manage leave’ tab and then ‘Group of employees’.

Entering Leave for a Group of Employees

Here, we will focus on the procedure for placing a group of employees on leave.


Choose the population in question

There are four types of filters available for selecting the employees you want to place on leave:

  • by legal entity
  • by department
  • by CSP
  • by entitlement acquisition profile (those with RTT, those without, etc.)

You can combine these filters to refine your selection and edit it in the drop-down list showing the employees.

In the example below, the chosen employees include everyone in one of the three departments selected (Accounting/Finance, Sales Management or Production) who are also part of the legal entity selected.


Placing leave

The procedure is the same as adding leave for a single employee:

  • Choose the period: indicate the date on the calendar
  • Choose the leave account you will use to submit the leave (you can use the population filters to first select the people accruing RTT and submit an RTT day, and then select those who do not accrue RTT and submit Annual Leave on the same date).
  • Choose who to notify (on the right)

Timmi Absences will then indicate at the bottom right whether the action you want to take triggers any errors:

  • debit balances for employees selected (if you enter more days than they have), which can be forced or ignored (these employees will not be placed on leave)
  • or blocks (employees who do not work that day or who are at the end of their contract, for example) These will be ignored.


As an administrator, debit balances will be escalated as warnings to your ‘To-do list’.

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