Adding a New Absence Type

Background information

The purpose of this page is to set up a new type of absence in your payroll exports.

  • If the absence account already exists, you can simply associate it to the payroll export.
  • If the absence account does not exist, you need to create it first.

To create an absence account, please visit the following help page: Creating/Editing an Absence Account

Finding the account to associate

There may be several payroll exports available. In this case, you must first select the one you want to edit by clicking on the Settings button:


Absence accounts not associated to a wage type are highlighted on the settings page.


Associating the account to a wage type

By clicking on the orange banner, you will gain access to all the absence accounts not associated to a wage type. Simply click on the ‘Associate’ button next to the absence account to link it to the desired wage type.


You can verify which accounts are associated to wage types. To do so, select the wage type. A list of the associated accounts will then appear on the right-hand side.


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