Creating a Composite Data in the HR File

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If you have subscribed to our application Poplee Core HR, which allows you to manage every single data regarding your co-workers, you might be interested in creating composite data (data that are composed of several simple data). Here are the steps to follow. 

Managing data

To create a composite data, just go to the data management module in the Poplee Core HR application. 


Selecting the data format

After selecting the « composite data » type during the first step, you can fill in the wording and the fields that compose of the data. For the fields, you can select existing simple data, or create a new field.



Caution! The following cannot be chosen as a composing field: 

  • A data that already exists in a section (a composite data field cannot exist on its own).
  • A data with multiple occurrences
  • A data  inherent to every Lucca user (present in the directory user files): Surname / First name / Login / Email / Personal Email / Contract start date / Contract end date / Date of seniority / Birth date / Employee number / SPC / Calendar / Nationality / Photo / Direct line / Professional mobile phone / Job title / Address / Social security number / Bank name / IBAN / BIC / Legal entity / Department / Manager / Manager 2.

Just like for simple data, you can allow composite data to have multiple occurrences by ticking the  "Allow multiple occurrences"box.


Linking the data to a file Section

After filling in these various elements, the last step allows you to select the HR file section in which you want the data to be displayed. Then, you can edit the different sections contents from the HR file module, in the Settings section.


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