Configuring VAT recovery

Background information

To complete this operation, you need to go to the dedicated chart of accounts space (Settings > Charts of accounts > select the entity and then go to the ‘VAT recovery’ tab). Here, you will set up the VAT recovery and pre-calculation rules for recovery.

Configuring VAT recovery according to natures

VAT recovery is set up in three steps:

    • In the first column, tick the VAT rates that may apply to expenses of this nature.
    • If you want Cleemy Expenses to pre-calculate the VAT on one of the ticked rates, simply click on the appropriate button in the second column.
    • The two other checkboxes indicate whether the user has the right to modify the VAT pre-calculated by Cleemy Expenses and whether a ‘Foreign expense’ box will appear when the user spends money abroad, but in their country’s currency (typically in the Euro zone): the VAT on their expense will be ignored.


Configuration for a non-French legal entity

You may have added a new legal entity to your Lucca platform and want to link a chart of accounts to set up VAT recovery, if applicable.

These are the steps for configuring the VAT:

  1. Create an entity in the database (via the help desk)
  2. Create a chart of accounts for this country and link a legal entity to it
  3. Create VAT applicable to the country in question in the VAT menu (cogwheel > VAT - if you do not have access, ask your senior administrator or the help desk)
  4. In the ‘VAT Recovery’ section, set up the VAT that applies to each nature

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