Net profit


The net profit of a project is the difference between the revenue and the cost.

The net profit displayed in Timmi Projects > P&L is the net profit up-to-date. It is the difference between the revenue made by the activities declared on the project, and the cost of these activities.


You can display the up-to-date cost of activities by clicking on the project.


In the example above, the employee has worked 4 days on project Test, with a cost of €4,400 (€1,100 per day). The price is €8,000. The progress rate is 80% (4 days worked on a revised budget of 5 days), so the revenue is €6,400 (€8,000 x 80%). The net profit is therefore €2,000 (6,400 - 4,400) or 45% (2,000 / 4,400).

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