Logging in to the Cleemy Expenses Mobile App

Background information

The Cleemy Expenses mobile app is available for Android and Apple from their app stores (Google Play, iTunes). You can use it to create expenses and submit your expense reports.

This article will explain the different ways to sign in to it. In any case, your mobile app will keep you signed in as long as you use it regularly. After two months of non-use, you will have to re-authenticate yourself.

Important: for training or demo accounts, you must log in using a 6-digit code.

Signing in using a magic link

The first time you sign in, the mobile app will show you a quick presentation before taking you to an interface where you can enter an email address.


Once you have entered your email, you can choose between two login methods:

  • Retrieving an authentication link by email
  • Entering your password


The ‘Log in’ option is easiest: when you tap this button, a message is sent to your work email account. This email message contains a button you can use to connect your Cleemy Expenses user account to your smartphone.


Logging in using a 6-digit code

If you cannot access your work emails on your mobile phone and you do not know your password, you can log in using a 6-digit code.

This alternate login method involves entering an authentication code that you can retrieve from your Cleemy Expenses user account using a computer or your smartphone’s browser. You only need to do this once!


  1. Log in to Cleemy Expenses using your web browser.
  2. At the top right of the interface, in the navigation bar, you will see your photo or initials: click on this and select ‘My account’.
  3. Your user preferences appear. In the ‘Login information’ section there is a button you can use to generate a mobile authentication code. When you click on it, a 6-digit code appears. It will be valid for 15 minutes.
  4. Launch the mobile app and tap the ‘Get an authentication code’ link. You will be taken to a page where you can enter your code.
  5. (If your company has multiple Cleemy Expenses instances) Use the list to choose the Cleemy Expenses profile you normally use.
  6. And you’re done! You can now use your mobile app.


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