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If you are a Lucca client and you subscribe to several of our solutions, PrepaPaie can make months’ end payroll preparation easier. In fact, you can give your entire HR team or your payroll manager access to it. This person will then easily find all the actions that need to be taken to generate payslips on the same page.

How PrepaPaie works

To access the application, click on the solutions menu and select the application.

Important: the application is not active by default. You must contact the consultant in charge of your roll-out or the Lucca help desk to set it up.



In 6 points, it sums up the actions to take and the corresponding links to collect the data for the current period before calculating your payroll. Calculations for the period are automatic and show the monthly period corresponding to the view date. You can filter the display by legal entity.



1. List of recent departures

A list of employees with a contract end date during the current period and during the previous period to account for departures at the end of month M-1 that were not taken into consideration in the previous payroll.

When you click on the employee’s name, you can directly access their HR file and verify the completeness of the data used to create employees in payroll or to produce employees’ final settlement for anyone leaving.

2. List of recent arrivals

A list of employees with a contract start date during the current period and during the previous period to check that employees hired at the end of month M-1 were successfully created in payroll.

For each of these 2 steps, you can use a link to the reports module to select and extract employee data entered in their HR file.

3. List of missing mandatory HR data

This step will provide you with the list of users that are missing mandatory data in their user files.
Click the link "incomplete data" to access the dedicatd module, in the Co-workers application. You will then be able to fill in missing user data, if applicable.

4. Summary of changes to employee HR data

The Generate the shuttle form button takes you to the Export feature under the Co-workers module where you can isolate and extract data for employees who were modified since the last export as an Excel turnaround file.

Access to the HR data export module requires the ‘Export changes’ permission in the Co-workers application under role management.

5. Recovery of export files

You can use the shortcuts to access different Lucca tool export modules to generate payroll-specific export files: exporting leave and absences, remuneration variables, overtime and work expenses.

The available links are based on what solutions you subscribe to. For example, if you do not have Cleemy, there will be no ‘Export expense reports’ link.

6. Use your payroll applications to generate payslips in pdf format

This step does not redirect the client, but tells them they are finally ready to generate payslips.

7. Distribution and archiving of payslips

A link to Pagga allows you to automatically distribute and archive the generated payslips. If the client does not have Pagga, PrepaPaie will indicate that the application is not active.

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