Configure your payroll schedules and associated notifications

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The "Milestones and notifications" tab in Pagga Compensation's Settings module allows you set the due dates for each pay period, as well as the notifications to be associated with these due dates. This screen is accessible to all users with the "Set Pagga Compensation" permission .

 Defining a payroll schedule allows you to:

  • inform employees and managers of due dates related to the preparation of the current payroll;
  • notify and invite the users concerned to check the VRIs entered, before transfer to payroll at the earliest.  

Setting milestones

The schedule is attached to only one establishment (1)and is used to record, for each payroll period (2) the end date for collecting VRIs (3) (1st milestone) and the payroll processing date (4) (2nd milestone).


Formalizing these 2 milestones enables the various people (employee, manager, HR assistant, etc.) involved in the payroll preparation process to organize themselves around these 2 milestones.

 The milestones of the current period will be displayed directly on the VRI entry screens in the form of a "timeline" (Example in the individual situation of an employee with a consultation date of 04/10/2019):


Notification configuration

Planned milestones can be associated with an email notification to the recipients of your choice: 


On the date defined for milestone 1, it is possible to configure:

  • sending a detailed summary of the VRI recorded over the period to each employee .


  • sending a summary of the number of employees and VRIs recorded over the period, to the manager, head of department or third-party user.


Any addition or modification of VRIs between the collection end date and the payroll processing date may be the subject of a notification detailing the action performed. The recipient of this notification is configurable.


Example of the content of the message sent in the event of a change to the VRI during the control period (the interval between milestone 1 and milestone 2)



  • You can enter the due dates of future pay periods for the coming year(s) in advance, according to your payroll preparation schedule. If the due dates are changed, a "recycle bin" icon that is displayed when hovering over the period, allows you to delete the period and recreate it with the correct dates.


  • If required, it is possible to manually re-send all email notifications associated with milestone 1 (summary of VRIs entered at the collection end date) of a pay period.


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