Using Pagga Payslip to Deliver Documents Other Than Payslips

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Pagga Payslip is our payslip delivery solution. You can use this solution to make electronic payslips available to your employees. Sometimes you need to add additional documents to a given period. The steps for doing this in Pagga Payslip are below.

All documents delivered by Pagga Payslip are available in the employee’s individual activity account.

Delivering a document separately from the payslip

If you want to deliver a specific document without it being linked to the payslip, such as works council election documents, simply enter the employee’s insurance number or code on the document you want to send to them and then enter their first and last names — that’s all there is to it.

Here is an example showing a document with information on profit-sharing:


There is a fee for this operation. We will consider this document delivery as a payslip delivery and will charge you €0.60 per document sent. You will have to compare the cost of paper delivery with electronic delivery (and the potential time savings).

Delivering a document as an addition to the payslip

Pagga Payslip has a recognition algorithm that allows it to match each payslip with the right employee. The solution first verifies the insurance numbers or codes entered in the user files and compares them with those in the pdf. It can then break the pages down based on what was recognised. Several pages can be designated for an employee.

For the document to be detected and matched to the correct employee, you must also provide the employee’s insurance number or code and we recommend you add their first and last names. No matter where it is in this document, Pagga Payslip will be able to detect it and make the link.

To do this, you must put the payslip and the additional document in a zip file and upload it to Pagga Payslip. The employee will have a pdf document that combines these two documents.

If you deliver the document with the payslip using a zip file, there is no additional cost.

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