Distributing a document other than the payslip with Pagga Payslip

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Pagga Payslip is primarily a solution for distributing payslips in an electronic version. It is sometimes necessary to add additional documentation over a given period. This is the way to proceed with Pagga Payslip.

Distributing a separate document from the payslip

If you want to distribute a particular document, without it being linked to the payslip, e.g. documents for the Works Council elections, it is possible.

Make sure that the last name/first name combination is entered in exactly the same way on Lucca and on the documents you wish to distribute.

Good to know

Any distribution by Pagga Payslip is considered and invoiced by our accounting department in the same way as the cost of a payslip.

Distributing a separate document from the payslip

Option 1

If you want to distribute a document in addition to your employee's payslip, add it after the payslip. The employee will have a PDF document that contains these two files. If you distribute the document with the payslip in the Zip file, there will be no additional cost.

Option 2

If you want to deposit an additional file other than your payslips for a period where a distribution has already been made, you must select the "Personalized period" option.

By clicking on "personalized period", you can edit the name of the import in order to add another document and not replace the current document. You can also edit the period if the document refers to a different period.

If you use this option, two files will be distributed and there will be an additional invoice because Pagga Payslip charges according to the number of files distributed.


Good to know

All the documents distributed by Pagga Payslip will be available on the https://pagga.ilucca.net website and the service for downloading Pagga Payslip archives will be available to employees who have left the company.

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