How to approve a timesheet


If you are the approver of someone's timesheets, you will see their timesheets appear in the Approve module.

If you do not have access to this module, please contact your administrator.

How to approve a timesheet

In the Approve module, you see the timesheets pending approval. The number of timesheets you need to approve appears on the left.

Timesheets are grouped by submission period.


Before approving, check the details of a timesheet and its alerts by clicking on "More details":


View the whole timesheet (as submitted by the employee) by clicking on "View":


You can approve (or deny) the timesheet in each view. If you deny a timesheet, you will have to enter a comment.

How to remind late submitters that they need to submit their timesheets

In the Approve module, you can send a notification to all late submitters by clicking on the "Remind" button above (it will send one notification per late timesheet), or for a specific period by clicking on the tab "Users to remind".


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