How do I approve a timesheet?

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If you are approving timesheets for certain employees, you will see their timesheets appear in the dedicated Approval module.

If you do not have access to this module, please contact your administrator.

Approve or reject a timesheet

At the bottom of the page, the Approval module lists all timesheets awaiting your approval, grouped by submission period (example: Chloé Alibert's timesheet for January 1 to 31 is pending approval)

Approve all timesheets in 1 click

Using the first two action buttons, you can:

  1. Approve all timesheets without warnings in 1 click,
  2.  Approve all timesheets with warnings in 1 click.

Be careful not to "click just to try it": this approval is really just 1 click away!

Processing timesheets case-by-case

All timesheets pending approval are listed at the bottom of the page, and you can process them individually or in bulk using the checkbox.

You can view details of the times submitted in each timesheet and any warnings by clicking on "More details", or view the entire timesheet by clicking on "View"

You can approve (or reject) the timesheet from any view. If you refuse a timesheet, you must specify the reason for refusal.

Process the timesheets of other approvers 

If you need to validate timesheets on behalf of someone else (a member of your team who has gone on vacation without setting up a delegation, a team leader who has left the company without validating all of their team's timesheets, etc.), you can select their profile from the drop-down menu to access their approval module.

You can also select [All] to view all timesheets pending approval that you are authorized to process.

These options require special permission. If necessary, please contact your administrator.

Send reminders to late submitters

From the Approval tab, you can also remind all late submitters by clicking on the "Remind" button (this will send one notification per late timesheet), or period by period by clicking on the "Users to remind" section.

The reminder notification is described in this help page: Notifications sent by Timmi Timesheet


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