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Working time checks can be created/edited/deleted from Timmi Timesheet > Settings, in the warnings section of a regulation.

Configuring checks

Select the relevant regulation, and browse the various tabs in the warnings section, from Opening/Closing times to Customized warnings.

You can add a new check, edit or delete existing ones.

Opening/Closing times

In this tab, you can set checks on the entered schedules (known by Timmi Timesheet only in the case of a schedule regulation).

"Absolute schedule limit" checks trigger a warning if the submitter has entered time before and/or after a specific schedule, for example before the site's theoretical opening time.

"Relative schedule limit" checks trigger a warning if the submitter is late or early in relation to their theoretical departure or arrival schedule.

Days off

In this tab, you can set up warnings for work on a day off, a public holiday, or a specific day of the week.

Work duration

In this tab, you can set warnings when a daily, weekly or annual working time limit is exceeded.


In this tab, you can set up warnings in the event of a difference between justified time (attendance + absences) and theoretical time exceeding a weekly, monthly or annual limit.

Note: If you want to check if your employees submit less time than their theoretical working time, you need to set up a "less than -X hours" rule, as we are interested in the negative difference. This rule can only be configured by API.


In this tab, you can configure warnings on total break time duration and/or minimum break time duration.


In this tab, you can set warnings for daily and weekly rest times (calculated automatically by Timmi Timesheet only for a regular work schedule).

Working amplitude

In this tab, you can set warnings on the daily range of attendance time, and on the number of consecutive working days.

Custom warnings

In this tab, you can define checks with a custom description, which by default will be displayed as checkboxes in timesheets.

Submitters can uncheck these boxes, which will trigger a warning with the message you have defined.

This allows you to check points that cannot be calculated from the times entered, for example:

  • rest times for managers on package per day
  • the right to disconnect


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