Modifying Campaigns In Progress

Background information

Using Poplee Performance, administrators can create custom campaigns for their employees.
However, the administrator may need to modify this campaign after starting it and change certain details, like:

  • Postponing the reviews deadline to a later date (to give teams more time)
  • Adding an employee who just joined the company (see the dedicated help page)
  • Changing the reviewer because they will be absent during the campaign
  • Deleting the review for an employee leaving the company
  • Or simply viewing the list of employees who are at a specific step (see the dedicated help page)

How to modify a campaign in progress

To access the management panel for a campaign in progress as an administrator, go to your ‘Manage Review Campaigns’ tab. Select the campaign in question to access its information :






Next, click on the Progress tracking tab : 


The edit panel opens on the side, with different actions possible:

  1. Change the campaign supervisor
  2. Change the prep work and end of campaign deadlines
  3. Search for an employee, a reviewer, a step, etc.
  4. Return the review to a previous step in the event of an error or specific request
  5. Delete a review
  6. Add a new employee to this campaign
  7. Stop the campaign and archived all the non finished reviews


The back button appears; click on it to open the details window.


This window tells you how far the review has progressed and what step you are about to return it to. If applicable, some content will be deleted or backed up: the list below the diagram will specify the potential impacts.

Elements affected by a step change potentially include:

  • Alerts, answers that were already sent are backed up
  • Caveats and assessment pdfs will be deleted and generated again later

To approve returning to the previous step, click on the ‘Put this review back in the previous step’ button at the bottom right of the window.

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