Cleemy Administrator Tasks

Background information

As a Cleemy solution administrator, you have one-time and recurring tasks to complete. Below is a list of the most common recurring tasks for an administrator of this solution.

At the end of each month

When an employee arrives

  • Create the employee in Cleemy as soon as you know their contract start date.
  • Assign the appropriate Cleemy role and profile in their user file.

When an employee leaves

  • Enter their contract end date in their user file.
  • If the departing employee is a manger, transfer their supervised colleagues to another manager (in their user file).
  • Submit pending expenses.
  • Approve/Control/Pay/Export the most recent expense reports.
  • Settle temporary and permanent advances allocated to the employee (via Cleemy or Anytime).
  • For specific cases:
    • Deactivate the employee’s Anytime card,
    • Remove the company/business credit card from the ‘Budget Insight banking interface’ in Cleemy,

When starting a new project/client/mission

Configuring Cleemy

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