Cleemy Expenses Administrator Tasks

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As a Cleemy Expenses solution administrator, you have one-time and recurring tasks to complete. Below is a list of the most common recurring tasks for an administrator of this solution.

At the end of each month

  • Remind employees to submit their expense reports. For this you can consult the Undeclared Expenses Report.
  • Make sure that the managers have approved the expenses reports sent to them. You can see all the expense approvers (managers) who have expense reports pending approval in the Approval module.
  • Make sure that the accountants have controlled the expenses reports which have already been approved. You can see all the expense reports pending a financial control in the Control module. You can filter the search by Establishment, Department, a given period or active user. You can also choose to display expense reports that have already been controlled.
  • Generate your SEPA or CSV payment file from the Payment module (SEPA applies only the € zone). You have chosen to pay employees by SEPA transfer. You can generate an unlimited amount of XML files for bank transfers, as often as necessary. You can deselect employees if you do not wish to pay them immediately. An expense report can only be exported for payment once so there is no risk of duplicate entries (unless the payment is cancelled from the payment history).
  • After paymentexport expense reports using the Export module. You can generate an unlimited amount of files, as often as necessary. An expense report can only be exported once so there is no risk of duplicate entries (unless the payment is cancelled from the payment history). N.B.: this step is for information only and you do not need to do anything if this action is performed automatically by means of an export to an FTP server.

When a new employee arrives

  • Create the employee in Cleemy Expenses as soon as you know their contract start date.
  • Assign the appropriate Cleemy Expenses role and profile in their user file. Each employee requires: a role (main or secondary) granting them access to Cleemy Expenses and a Cleemy Expenses application profile to access the various types of expense and their associated limits.

    Depending on your settings, you may need to add :
    - Cleemy Expenses expense approver (if your workflow includes it)
    - BIC/IBAN if you wish to pay your employees from Cleemy Expenses using a SEPA file 
    - Third-party account if allowed by your chart of accounts
    - Company card if certain employees use cards belonging to the company
    - Analytical axes such as the cost centre, for example

When an employee leaves

  • Enter their contract end date in their user file.
  • If the departing employee is a manger, transfer their supervised colleagues to another manager (in their user file). To do this, you can transfer all managerial rights at once by opening the HR file of the departing manager and modifying the Supervised colleagues field. Simply select the supervised employees and then the new manager.
  • Submit pending expenses.
  • Approve/Control/Pay/Export the most recent expense reports.
  • Settle temporary and permanent advances allocated to the employee (via Cleemy Expenses or Anytime).
  • For specific cases:
    • Deactivate the employee’s Anytime card,
    • Remove the company/business credit card from the ‘Powens banking interface’ in Cleemy Expenses,

When starting a new project/client/mission

Configuring Cleemy Expenses

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