Figgo Updates Spring 2019


Oh Spring you are back
I can hear the birds singing
Compare your balance

Spring is back. With temperature rising in Nantes, the team has already started barbecue season. True story.

What's up since October? As you have probably seen by now, we have a new reporting module. But we didn't stop there. Here is what has been released in the last weeks:

  • a new balance report for managers. Available in the Reporting section on the left, it gives you a nicer (and quicker) vew of your team's balance.
  • for administrators we have revamped the feature used to compare Figgo entitlements or balance with the payroll. It can be convenient in countries where you have entitlements calculation in the payroll (as we have in France). Wether you just want to check the difference or adjust entitlements for everyone, the new module will help.
  • if you use Slack as your entreprise chat (as we do), you can now have absences of the day posted daily in your team channel. See by yourself how it helps your day to day communication.

What's next? In the following weeks we'll work on:

  • a new process for account settlement when employees are leaving the company, allowing you to export the absences (at last!). This may be more exciting for French admins ;)
  • the revamping of two old modules: account lists and forbidden periods
  • a simpler way to create new leave accounts.


See you soon.

Tristan, for the Figgo team


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