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Please note that all report templates listed below are standard reports designed to answer nearly all of our clients needs. They are not customizables and therefore cannot be subject to modification requests.

Timmi Reports

In Timmi Timesheet > Report, you have access to several report templates.

Choose a report template, select the period you want to consult and the periodicity (consolidation of results per week, month...), filter if needed by entity, department or regulation, and click on "Show".

Standard report

The standard report displays the following times by employee on the period:

  • theoretical time = contractual working time (as defined in the user workcycle) - bank holidays +- exceptions (days off or worked defined in Figgo > Manage the schedule > Manage days off). It is the time that the employee has to justify either by working time or by leave. 
  • actual time = time entered by the employee in Timmi or his/her theoretical time if he/she has not entered time.
  • leave = duration of leave (information from Figgo).
  • difference = actual time + leave duration - theoretical time.
  • breaks duration (only for regulations in schedule unit).
  • leave considered as actual working time = duration of leave set up in Figgo as effective working time for overtime calculation.

Accounts report

The accounts report displays the time recorded on time accounts, for timesheets that have been submitted and approved.

For example, Peter Benton has submitted his timesheet of March, in which 3 hours have been recorded on the time account "Hours 125%", and his manager has approved this timesheet: 

The accounts report of March displays these three hours:

The final balance is the accounting balance on the account on the end date of the period selected on the report. It is the sum of all accounting entries, export entries included.

The count is the sum of movements on the account on the period selected, export entries not included. It is the elements counted by the rules of the regulation.

Warning: if a timesheet has been submitted but not approved, the accounts will be at 0.

Rules report

The rules report displays the movements generated by the rules set up in the regulation, for timesheets that have been submitted and approved.

To follow up on the example above, the rules report displays the three hours of Peter Benton in the the movements generated by the overtime rule:

Warning: if a timesheet has been submitted but not approved, the rules will display 0. 

Daily break

The daily break report displays the duration of breaks entered by the employees on timesheets in schedule unit. If an employee has not entered his time, it is the theoretical breaks duration (according to his/her workcycle) that is displayed. 

If an employee has taken several breaks one day, the column "Breaks duration" displays the total breaks duration, and the column "Longest break on period" displays the duration of the longest break

Controls report

The controls report displays the alerts generated on submitted timesheets, and the declarative controls unchecked by the employees (even if they have not yet submitted their timesheets).

Timesheets report

The timesheets report displays for each timesheet:

  • its owner: name, department, employee number, legal entity, manager
  • its unit (days, hours, schedules) and the corresponding Timmi regulation
  • its status (temporary, submitted or approved)
  • its start date and end date
  • the submission date 
  • who submitted the timesheet
  • the approval date
  • who approved the timesheet
  • the approval type (manual or automatic)
  • the actual, theoretical, leave time and the difference between justified time (attendance + leave) and theoretical time, as in the standard report

Activity report

The activity report displays the time entered on each activity.

Select the group Activities per employee to display the time spent by activity by each employee.

Select the group Employees per activity to display the time spent by each employee on each activity. 

Comments report

This report displays the comments entered by employees on their timesheets. 

Employees that declare their time can leave a comment on each day.

Employees that declare their activities can leave a comment on each activity entered per day: the report will then display the activity in the column Les salariés qui déclarent leurs activités peuvent laisser un commentaire sur chaque activité saisie par jour : le rapport affiche alors l'activité concernée dans la colonne "Imputation".

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