Track your Lucca Help desk requests

Before you get started

The Lucca Help desk has a dedicated interface for administrators, enabling them to view all requests submitted by your company's administrators and update those still in progress.

Connect to the Lucca Help desk

Click on the "Connection" button in the top right corner of the current screen. A login pop-up opens, click on the "registration" link:


If you already have an account, simply enter your login details (you can use the "forgot password" feature if necessary).

Please note that the login details requested on this page are not the same as those used to connect to your Lucca database.

Create a support request

Once you're logged in, click on the "send a request" link to access the dedicated form.

The form contains the following fields:

  • CC: to add the email address of the employee(s) you wish to include in the exchange
  • Priority: low/normal/high/urgent
  • Software: choose from one of Lucca's software solutions
  • Subject: summarize the purpose of the request in a few words
  • Description: the more information you provide, the faster we are able to respond to your request (specify functionality, user, various steps taken, etc.)
  • PJ: screenshots are provided to help our support teams understand and respond to your request

Tracking support requests

To find your past support requests, or update current requests, click on the "My activities" link at the top right of the screen.

This gives you access to all the requests listed by the Lucca Help desk, divided into 3 tabs: 

- My requests: for all the requests you have personally created;

- Requests I receive in CC: for all requests you are (or have been) copied in;

- Organization requests: find requests submitted by your colleagues.


On each request, you will find:

- login details,

- subject,

- the date of the last activity,

- the status, which can be "open", "awaiting your response" or "resolved".


Click on the title of a request to open it. You will then be able to provide an answer if it's still applicable, or consult the history of exchanges with the Lucca Help desk.

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