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Lucca offers a suite of online solutions to digitize and automate company administrative and HR processes, by dedicating a simple solution to a precise requirement.

  • Leave and absence management with Timmi Absences

  • Managing expense reports with Cleemy Expenses

  • Employee management with Poplee, our software suite dedicated to managing HR files, tracking compensation and organizing evaluation review campaigns

  • Electronic distribution of payslips with Pagga Payslip

  • Time-Tracking Management with Timmi Timesheet and the resulting financial performance with Timmi Projects.

Software designed for the end user

Lucca software is designed for the everyday user. This is why we place great importance on the design and usability of our solutions. This usability enables employees to be more productive and autonomous. Leave requests, expense claims, timesheets submissions and personal data changes are easily performed in just a few clicks.

Simplifying employee administrative processes simplifies the work of back-office administrators.


Automating your processes reduces time-consuming tasks and increases data reliability. This process is used to import user data when creating a customer database, and to update existing employee data.

Each solution offers a specific module to automate administrator tasks by automatically generating your various exports at a frequency defined by you. You can then upload the files to an SFTP/FTPS server and/or send them by email to the recipients you specify.


Our solutions automatically process exports of your absences, accounting entries and modified employee data, on customized dates and known frequencies.

All you have to do is focus on exception handling:

  • do I have an employee to add to or remove from my workforce? 
  • do I have a reimbursement limit to raise? 
  • do I need to collect supporting documentation? 
  • etc...

We've also thought of our multi-software clients by providing them with a clear interface for pending tasks before payroll preparation (and therefore export generation). Payroll Assistant is made available to our clients free of charge.

Synchronize your data

We are committed to making life easier for our clients: 

  • Reduce double entries in payroll and third-party solutions such as Lucca
  • Eliminate potential duplicate employees or inaccurate data between payroll and our solutions (a surname no longer up to date, a change of department, a change of title or income, etc.)

You create or update the data, and the information is sent to your payroll software and/or uploaded to Lucca for daily processing. 

Our suggestion

We have a precise vision for integrating our solutions into your digitalization processes. It all starts with managing employee entries. 

1/ Onboarding

Onboarding is a key process in building relationships with your future employees. It is not a question of "simply" providing documents, but to encourage the creation of bonds with the right people, at the right time.

The information provided by future arrivals via our form, filled in on the Poplee file, and the to-do lists you have defined, will help them find their place in the integration process and become a valued part of the company.

With the user data synchronization we have implemented, the data will be sent to your payroll or third-party software and create your employee without you needing to do anything.

2/ The self-service HR file

Poplee allows you to

  • Store and structure all company employee data;
  • Exploit the data entered;
  • Manage and simplify essential HR processes (on-/offboarding, launch HR campaigns, launch HR data update campaigns).

This information is then sent to your third-party software via synchronization or even to other external recipients by email.

3/ A simple conclusion 

At any time your employees can enter their leave and reimbursement requests and update their personal data.

Data is validated, automatically exported, uploaded to the server of your choice or sent to a recipient of your choice.

Every day, synchronization sends and retrieves changes and additions to this same data, so you can concentrate on your company.


Solutions Manual exports Automation Synchronization Transfer method Comments
Timmi Absences
Leave yes yes
Upload to SFTP/FTPS or a web service or our APIs
Possible via API
Absences yes yes
Latenesses yes yes
Rectifications yes yes
Balances(accruals acquired during the month) yes no
STC yes no
Cleemy Expenses
Accounting export yes
no except by API
Upload to SFTP/FTPS or a web service or our APIs
Possible via API
Payroll entries (DSN) yes
Payment files (SEPA in xlm) yes
Reports (general, mileage, etc.) no
Timmi Timesheet
Exports on revised-up elements yes
no except by API
Upload to SFTP/FTPS or a web service or our APIs
Possible via API
General reports (differences, break times, etc.) no
Projects, assignments, tasks yes
Work cycles yes
Pagga Compensation
Types of variable remuneration yes no
Upload to SFTP/FTPS or a web service or our APIs
Possible via API
Types of fixed salary yes no
Contractual data (schedule, pay period, working time, etc.) yes yes
Poplee Core RH
User data required to create an employee in our solutions:
Upload to SFTP/FTPS or a web service or our APIs
Possible via API
Login (format defined by the client)
Last name
First name
Contract start date
Position (set of rights and permissions related to navigation)
Application profiles for solutions subscribed to by the client
A unique identifier between Lucca and the client's management software, usually the payroll number
Poplee Performance

Export PDFs for a specific employee yes, on the most recent review, on the HR File
Web service or our APIs

Export PDFs for a specific campaign
Export completed reviews to one or more campaigns (filterable by category)
Goals for a specific employee
Export all goals from an instance

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