The new version of the HR file module is now available. 


Le nouveau module qui remplace les fiches utilisateurs et le dossier RH est désormais disponible. 

Currently in a Beta mode, it will eventually replace the running module as of April 15, 2019


You currently use two different modules to manage employee information : 

  1. User files : allows you to create et manage user data. The data displayed on this module are the one necessary to maintain Lucca applications up and running. You cannot customize this module. 
  2. Hr File : this module, fully customizable, allows you to manage internal data (administrative, HR ...). You can create any data with the format of your choice, and organize them into sections. 

In order to make this data management, we decided to merge the features and data of these two modules into one. 


New module organization

The module is organized in three section categories : 

  1. Public data : this category contains only one section. It gathers all the data visible by your colleagues in the who's who module. You can set up these data from Co-workers > Settings > Who's who
  2. Lucca properties : you will find in this category all the data necessary to maintain Lucca applications up and running. In other words, these are the data currently available in the user files.
  3. HR File : these are the sections currently available in your current HR file that you have customized.

Reorganizing Lucca properties sections

As a reminder, the data available in the user files are necessary to maintain Lucca applications up and running. Their availability depends on the application(s) you are using and the setup. 

The data on the user file are spread in several sections that have been rearranged. 

You will now find: 

  • A personal data section with additional data like the National insurance number and the birth date

  • The second leave request approver and Cleemy appover in the same section as the manager

Hiding / displaying section categories

Depending on what you need to perform on the HR file, you can hide one or several section categories. Should you need to display only administrative information, you can hide the Lucca properties.

To do so, just click on the "eye" icon in the left menu :

Searching for data

The search feature allows you to quickly find a specific data. Any research leading to an unknown result will be hidden:

Creating new users 

The user creation can be performed on this noew module by clicking on the Add a user tab. However, the user creation form now only contains one step with the most important fields to fill in. You will then complete the additional fields directly on the employee's file.

Managing passwords, transfer and delegation

  • Password management is available right next to the login field, in the Login information section
  • The management for delegation and supervised employees is now integrated in the Organisation section


New permissions

The access to the user files currently depends on one permission : manager user files. It allows you to :

  • Create new users
  • Consult user data
  • Modify user data

We have split this permission in two :

  1. Read user Lucca properties
  2. Modify Lucca user properties

Some users will be now able to consult and make reports on user properties without being able to modify them. 




Landing page

This landing page has been removed. All previously available information has been integrated in the new module: 

  • The last three updated files are displayed in the user picker drop-down menu : 

  • Incomplete files and total number of users: these information are displayed next to the user picker drop-down menu (coming soon)


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