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Background information

Single Sign-On (SSO) means users only have to authenticate themselves one time, regardless of how many applications require authentication.

From a technical perspective, SSO allows two entities to contact one another: the solutions (service provider) and an identity provider (often a directory).

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  • User-friendly: only one password to remember and transparent data access (no obligation to re-enter a new login/password combination)
  • Secure: simplify implementation of the company’s security policy (sign-in restriction, password control, etc.)

Supported protocols

Lucca supports the following protocols:

  • SAML 2.0 (ADFS, Okta, Azure AD, Google Identity Platform, etc.)
  • OAuth 2.0 (for Google Identity Platform and Azure AD only)
  • CAS (Central Authentication Service)

Technical documentation

Below, you will find technical documents allowing you to set up SSO with Lucca depending on your application environment:

Important: Lucca does not allow you to synchronise user data via SSO. To do this, use a .CSV file deposited on an FTP server.


Can I allow my users to choose their sign-in method?

Actually, you have the option to enable or disable different authentication methods. For example, you can disable login/password sign-in if you want to make SSO mandatory. From the lucca.fr website, you can also disable magic link sign-in.


Can I set up SSO for mobile apps?

No, SSO will only allow you to log in to your Lucca instance from a web browser. For mobile apps, the only options are magic link, login/password and mobile connection code.

Can I set up different SSOs to access my Lucca instance?

Of course. You can set up several SSOs to access your instance. Users will have to choose the one they want to use on the sign-in page.


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