CAS Protocol SSO

Before you get started

The following document provides the information needed to set up SSO between LUCCA solutions and an authentication system using the CAS protocol.

Step 1: Creating the configuration in Lucca

This operation must be performed by an administrator or a user with access to the "Authentication and SSO parameters" module.


1. Activate the appropriate authentication method depending on the protocol (OAuth 2.0, SAML 2.0, ...) and your IdP.


2. Get a range of information in the “Lucca service provider information” section. In this example, it is a SAML 2.0 protocol, but it is applicable for other protocols:

  • Your connection URL;
  • Your response URL;
  • Your metadata URL (SAML2.0 only);
  • Your Lucca identifier (SAML2.0 only).



Step 2: Integration

This involves authorizing LUCCA within your CAS authentication system by integrating the URL supplied to you.

Step 3: Setting up LUCCA

Once the configuration has been completed in your management interface, you need to return to Lucca's authentication parameters to enter the following information:

- the public URL for access to your CAS authentication system

- the LUCCA field corresponding to the user identifier sent in the CAS token: email address or login


Once this information has been entered and saved, you can activate the SSO connection as soon as you are ready:


Once the login via SSO has been activated, you can prevent employees from accessing the Lucca login page with their Lucca login and a personalized password, by deactivating the "Lucca login/password connection” option.

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