Tasks of a Timmi Timesheet administrator

Before you get started

As a Timmi Timesheet administrator, you have two main dates to consider:

When an employee arrives

The arrival of a new employee must be prepared in advance, so they have access to their timesheets from day one. To make sure everything works, follow these steps and the associated help pages:

  1. Add the new employee to the HR file as soon as the contract start date is known: Create an employee file
  2. Assign them a role giving access to Timmi Timesheet with the "must submit times" permission: Assign a role to one or more users
  3. Adding an employee to a Timmi Timesheet regulation: Add an employee to Timmi Timesheet

Do not hesitate to test how well the new employee's timesheets work before they arrive.

At the end of every month

Exporting overtime for payroll

If you are exporting overtime to payroll, you must manually generate this export each month.

It couldn't be easier:

  1. Go to the Exports module and select your payroll export to view all payable hours
  2. Check the exported period: be careful to choose the last day submitted by your employees (Sunday of the last full week) as the export end date
  3. Generate the file to be transmitted to your payroll in one click with the [Export] button.

For more details on how these exports work and how to read them, please consult the help page: Accounting operation for payroll variables export.

View hours sent for recovery in Timmi Absences

In the case of compensated hours in recovery, these hours are automatically exported to Timmi Absences as soon as the timesheet is approved (with an effective date of the day after the last day of the timesheet).

You can view the history of these exports to Timmi Absences from the Exports module, by clicking on the Timmi Absences export.

Timesheet reports

If you want to carry out analyses on working hours, overtime or warnings, the Reports module allows you to access the various report types. 

  • For a quick overview of unusual situations, such as high workload or timesheet warnings, select the "Load monitoring" dashboard
  • To create a new report template, go to the Custom Reports tab and choose one of the 6 report types:
    • Time 
    • Activities
    • Timesheets
    • warnings
    • Accounts
    • Comments

For more information on reports and analyses, please consult the help page: Analyzing your data with reports and dashboards

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