Actions of the administrators of Timmi Timesheet


As the administrator of Timmi Timesheet, you have occasional or recurring actions to carry out.

Arrival of a new employee

Create the user

Create the new user in Co-workers > User files > Add a user once you know his/her start date.

In order to have access to Timmi, the new user needs :

  • a role giving access to Timmi with the permission "Must declare"
  • a workcycle linked to a Timmi regulation

At the end of the month

Export variable pay elements

If there are variable pay elements that need to be paid to employees, go in the Exports module, click on the export format to consult the amount of hours/days to be paid, and click on the Exports button to generate the file to give to your payroll.


Consult the time exported as Compensation in Figgo

If hours/days are converted in Compensation, they will be automatically exported in Figgo as soon as the timesheet is approved (the effective date of the credit in Figgo is the following day of the the last day of the timesheet).

You can consult the export logs in the Exports module, by clicking on the Figgo export.

Generate reports on timesheets

You can generate different kinds of reports in the Reporting module.

  • To consult the difference between the theoretical working time and the actual working time, choose the standard report.
  • To check the list of alerts raised by timesheets (because of time entered or declarative controls unchecked), choose the controls report.

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