Timmi Timesheet Administrator Tasks

Background information

As a Timmi Timesheet solution administrator, you have one-time and recurring tasks to complete. There are two different steps: based on the employee’s arrival or at the end of each month.

When an employee arrives

Add the employee

Add a new employee from Co-workers > User files > Add a user as soon as you know the contract start date.

For the employee to be able to access Timmi Timesheet, you must assign them:

  • a role giving them access to Timmi Timesheet with the ‘must submit timesheets’ permission
  • a work cycle linked to a regulation in Timmi Timesheet

For more information, visit the Adding an Employee to Timmi Timesheet page.

At the end of each month

Exporting overtime for payroll

If there is overtime to pay out, go to the Exports module, click on the payroll export format to see all hours to pay, then click on the Export button to generate the file to send to your payroll.


View TOIL in Timmi Absences

If time will be offset with TOIL, these hours are automatically exported to Timmi Absences as soon as the timesheet is approved (with the effective date as the day after the last day on the timesheet).

Click on the Timmi Absences export to view the history of exports to Timmi Absences from the Exports module.

Complete timesheet reports

You can generate different types of reports from the Reporting module.

  • To quickly see the difference between the theoretical time and actual time during a period, choose the Standard Report.
  • To see the list of warnings triggered by timesheets (warnings triggered by time entered or unticked declarative controls), choose the Controls Report.

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