Compare accruals or balance with payroll

You can compare Figgo accruals or balance with your payroll or any other system calculating entitlement (French payroll usually manage leave entitlements) with the module Compare with payroll.

You can compare:

  • accruals: compare the sum af accruals in Figgo with accruals in payroll (or other system);
  • balance: compare the balance in Figgo with balance in payroll (or other system).

You can then adjust in one click or just download the differences.

File format

You can use a CSV or Excel file (.xlsx).

Note: you can download a model from the main module page already filled with employees.

Employees can be identified with their login or legal entity + employee number.

File must contain:


  • Legal entity code or name (if identification by legal entity + employeenumber)
  • Employee number (if identification by legal entity + employeenumber)
  • Login (if identification by login)
  • Name
  • Firstname
  • Account n°1
  • Account n°2
  • Account n°3
  • ...

File must contain at least one account column. There is not limit on the number of accounts.

If you use exact account names or number they will be matched automatically.

File example with identification by legale entity + employee number:

File example with identification by login:

 Value comparison


Select or drag and drop file.

To compare accruals you must enter:

  • accrual reference date: usually the last day of the month of the last payroll period.
  • optionally, you can adjust the entry types to take into account in the comparison. By default all accruals related types are selected.

To compare balances you must enter:

  • the period and date of the last Figgo export: Figgo needs to know which absences have been exported to calculate balance.

Note: you can compare balance in Figgo only if all absences exported from Figgo have been imported in your payroll or external system.

When you click Compare, Figgo displays the line by line comparison

Alert types (non blocking):

  • Employee name does not match employee number or login: please check as it may be an employee number or name error.

Error types (blocking) :

  • Account does not match: you need to select it manually.
  • Employee number does not exists or is incorrect
  • Legal entity does not exists or is incorrect
  • Login does not exists or is incorrect
  • Duplicate line (two lines about the same employee)
  • Account not available for this employee: employee does not have access to this account according toe the regulation for his legal entity
  • Insufficient rights for this employee: you don't have rights to edit this user's balance

 For each line Figgo shows:

  • value in the file
  • value in Figgo
  • adjustment

You can download the values or save adjustments in Figgo.

Important: In the case where monthly accruals are done the last day of the month, if you compare accruals for the current month before the last day of the month, and save adjustements, it will replace Figgo accruals. Figgo wont credit anything on the last day of the month.


Import history

All adjustments made with the Compare with payroll module are recorded in the history section available from the main page.




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