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Background information

Lucca has three mobile apps for the Timmi Absences (Leave & absences management), Cleemy Expenses (managing expense reports) and Poplee (managing HR data) solutions. For Poplee, Lucca suggests showing contact information for employees. All three are available on the Google Play Store and Apple AppStore.

Login methods

There are three authentication methods for signing in to Lucca’s mobile apps: magic link, sign in screen (login name + password) and mobile connection code.

Magic link

Logging in using the magic link is certainly the simplest method if you get your work emails on your mobile phone. To do this, tap ‘Log in’, enter your email address and tap ‘Log in’ again. You will then receive an email with a link that will authenticate you so you do not have to enter anything else.



To sign in to the mobile apps, you can enter the login information (login name/password) you use to sign in to your Lucca website. After tapping on ‘Log in’ and entering your email address, tap on ‘Enter password’ (see the screenshot above).

Mobile connection code

You can also generate a mobile connection code from the ‘My account’ page of your Lucca site (‘Login information’ tab). Tap ‘Get an authentication code’ and enter it into the mobile app to sign in. You do not have to enter your email address.

Your mobile app keeps you signed in as long as you use it regularly. After two months of non-use, you will have to re-authenticate yourself.

You can disable each of the mobile app login methods. Users will no longer be able to use them. However, please note that if you disable the login name/password and magic link sign in options, you will not be able to use them to access your Lucca website.

To log out of an app, tap on the top left (three horizontal lines) and then tap ‘Logout’.


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