Step by application: Add a new establishment to my Lucca solutions

Before you get started

The creation of an establishment must be reported to the Lucca Help desk so that we can attach it to your contract. Once the establishment has been created, you can follow the steps below to activate it on the various software programs.

⚙ General settings

1. Add the new establishment to the Lucca occupation categories

Go to occupation category management by clicking on the cog wheel (available at the top right of the Lucca screen), then on "organization" and "occupation category".

On each of the categories that should be available for the establishment, click on it and then on "add establishments" to select the new one.

2. Check that roles are activated for all establishments

Go to role management by clicking on the cog wheel (available at the top right of the Lucca screen), then on "Roles". Select the roles that will apply to employees in the new establishment, then check that the establishment is selected in the dedicated tab.

Please note that ticking a new establishment will give access rights to all establishments on the roles with several departments in scope.

Linking to different solutions

When integrating a new establishment with Lucca solutions, you need to ask yourself whether the operation of this entity (in terms of leave management, expense reports, reviews, etc.) will be the same for existing entities. Perhaps a different collective agreement needs to be added to Timmi Absences, or a working time agreement has been signed for this new entity only. This new establishment may be located overseas, and its management rules may not be the same as in the original legal unit. 

Faced with this issue, there are two possible solutions.

Case 1: your establishment has the same management rules as one of your existing establishment

Create the employee files to be integrated into this new structure once the consultant has finished creating the establishment.

Depending on the solutions to be used for this new establishment, follow the procedures listed below.

  • Add an establishment to Poplee Core HR
  • Add an establishment to Timmi Absences
  • Add an establishment to Cleemy Expenses
  • Add an establishment to Timmi Timesheet
  • Add an establishment to Pagga Compensation

  • Pagga Meal Vouchers: go to meal voucher settings and click on the relevant regulation. You can then add your establishment by clicking on "manage relevant establishments".

  • Pagga Payroll Assistant: Click on "payroll file" in the top left corner of the screen. You will then be able to:
    • either click on the cog wheel of the relevant payroll folder and in "general settings" add the establishment via the option "Establishments included in the folder"
    • or click on "add a payroll file"
    • If you don't have a Silae connector, go directly to the "data and export methods" tab and choose the option software by software "Automate the collection of employee data from an export of the HR file"
    • If you have a Silae connector, click on:
      • "Add a connector" in the "connector" tab. Consult this help page for more details: Connect Lucca and Silae.
      • Then click on the "Data and export methods" tab and choose the software by software option "Synchronize employee data to Silae"

The Timmi Office, Poplee Performance, Pagga Payslip, Lucca Faces and Mood of the day software packages require no modification.

Case 2: Your establishment has different management rules from one of your current establishments

We recommend that you send a message to the Lucca Help desk to get a quote for a Lucca consultant to assist you during the audit, configuration and testing.

User management

There may be employees for whom a new contract will be signed to migrate them to the new establishment you wish to add. Find out more in the procedure below.

- Change of establishment for an employee

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