Adding a New Company to my Lucca Solutions

Background information

The Lucca Support Team must be notified to create any new company so as to be able to link this new entity to your contract.

  • Creation of the company in the corresponding country 
    If you do not have access to this menu, please ask the Lucca Support Team to create the company, and indicate its country
  • Creation of the new co-workers' departements
  • Manual creation of users via Co-workers, or via a data import in Update > Data import (*)

According to the solutions to which you have subscribed to, several setups are necessary to allow the co-workers of the new company to use the Lucca solutions:

Cleemy Expenses

Does the new company have a different way of managing expenses?

Caution: if you have an automated export, you will have to add your new entity to it. The folder on the SFTP/FTPS server will then reset and the password will change: the password must be provided to Lucca, or you need to ask Lucca to give you the new password (if applicable).

Timmi Absences

Does the company follow the same rules for the leaves of absence and the same payroll exports as the existing companies?

Timmi Timesheet

Are the co-workers from the new company required to follow the same rules regarding time submission?


Pagga Compensation

Indicate which types of compensations are available for the new company and import a compensation history if applicable. (*)

(*) Feel free to get in touch with our Sales Team and request a support service provided by the Lucca consultants in order to manage the integration of the new entities. Ad hoc audits can be organized upon request to gather the right information and set up solutions for new entities. We will manage the deployment projet for the new company.
Trainings may also be provided for the new admin of a solution.

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