Introducing the new Figgo Reporting module

The Figgo team worked on a new reporting module to meet several needs: 

  • to allow advanced configuration of reportings
  • to simplify reports creation through a single entry point to create and view reports
  • to align the user interface with recent standards
  • to improve response time thanks to a new technological foundation

In brief

The new reporting was made for administrator profiles. 

It is composed of 2 parts: the dashboard and the creation & viewing of reports.

The module My team's balance, in the Request Leave page, is still available for managers, and will be upgraded later.

The dashboard displays pre-configured graphics about main indicators on leaves and absences. 

To have more detailed information, you may access the reports and:

  • configure them by adding information or filters
  • upload them in Excel or CSV format
  • save them to view them later with fresh data

The dashboard

"Summary" is replaced by a dashboard displaying several information aggregated at legal entity level:

  • a chart on absenteeism rate of the last 2 years
  • the state of the requests made during the last 30 days
  • a comparison of leaves taken
  • the absenteeism history
  • sick leave evolution

More information about the dashboard in the dedicated page.


You can fin 4 types of reports to answer precise needs. They calculated indicators on the employees in the scope of the request, at the date or period.

Each type of report offers following features:

  • Filter on employee: per legal entity, per departement, per Figgo profil, per socioprofessional category
  • Compute totals (per account, per legal entity, …)
  • Add columns to the reports, such as date on accounts or employees
  • Display results, upload report results in Excel or CSV format
  • Save report configuration to reuse later

More information on the creation of a report in the dedicated page.


What can I find in each type of report?

You may fin additionnal information on each type of report in the dedicated pages:

Report on absences: to view approved or pending approval absences

Report on balance or balance evolution: to view account balance, with accruals to come or days taken

Report on statistics: to compute several indicator on absenteeisme or presence rate per employee or group of employees

What are saved reports for?

Let's imagine you regularly need to check the balance of paid leaves estimated at the end of the year. Configure the report, save it to reuse it. 

At your next visit, it will be actualised with fresh data. 

What about account lists and personalized reports?

Accounts list for the former Statistics report and personalized reports for the former Balance reports (Configure > Preferences > Personalized reports) are no longer in use the new reporting.

Filters allow you to select one or more account, in the Balance, Balance evolution and Absence report types. 

How do you mesure absenteeism?

Absenteeism rate, shown in the dashboard and in the Statistics report type, is computed according to your definition. You can decide if an account must be taken into account in the account configuration, through the "Absenteeism" parameter, displayed in the advanced options.

By default, all the accounts have this parameter actived, except for paid leaves, and other recurring accounts (seniority, split days, RTT).

You can check the status of the absenteeism parameter by downloading the accounts in Configure > Accounts

What about the Accounting lines module?

It also evolved to simplify search among the accounting lines. It keeps track of the activiy on an absence account. You now have access to more filters and the limit to 500 results no longer exists.

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