Changing accrual periods

Before you get started

If you want to change your leave accrual periods (paid leave, comp days, other, etc.) contact Lucca support to cost this service.

Even though our consultants will take charge of this migration, there are some essential elements that you must know beforehand.

Changing the accrual periods for recurring accounts

This procedure must be done well before the changes to your accruals take effect or at the start of a new accrual period.

It will also be necessary to schedule a date with the consultant in charge of this service in order to shut down the access to your Lucca space for a day and a half. This will give them the time to run the necessary procedures without your employees taking leave.

Everything else is handled by Lucca consultants!


Required information

In order to be able to assist you in changing the settings, we will need to have the following information:

  • Entity/entities concerned

  • Regulation(s) concerned

  • Number of employees concerned:

  • Whether the change applies to everyone or a specific population only. 

    If yes, specify which

  • Number of accrual profiles affected

  • How is this change handled in payroll?

  • Which accounts are affected by the change?

  • From which date?

  • What will be the new accrual and consumption periods?

  • What should you do with leave taken in the future on old balances?

  • What rounding if there is a change of period?


Good to know


Some features may be impacted during the year when your accrual periods change

  • There may be a blank year on your splitting rules. The splitting rule can become null and void over 1 year
  • The time savings account must be updated and may also have side effects on your rules
  • The adjustment needs to be updated with new lists and rules
  • The seniority must also be updated to be credited to the correct account
  • The reports may also be affected

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