Accrual management with accrual rules in statutories

Before we start

With the project "New accrual rules" in Timmi Absences, it now possible ton set up accrual at a biweekly or semimonthly frequency, to meet the needs of american ou canadian entities. You now have the possibility to accrue on a one-time account (and not only on series of accounts as before).

Set up can be made via accrual rules in the dedicated tab of the statutory, and not directly in the profiles any more. 

If you need the feature, please contact your support team for activation.

You may find more information on the project "New accrual rules" here :

Configure accrual via the rules

There are several steps to set up accrual: 

  • create the account for accrual
  • at first, create the acquisition profile(s) to identify eligible employees 
  • then create a new fixe accrual rule, selecting concerned profiles and putting the amount to credit
  • finally linking profiles to employees in their user files

Profile creation can be made in the "Profile" tab of the statutory.  

Rule creation can be made in the "Accrual" tab of the statutory. 


Manual execution and automatic execution follow-up

The follow up of the excutions happens in the Credit / Debit module. 

If automation is activated, rules will run automatically at the end of each period. Otherwise, you will need to run them manually in the execution interface.



Example of set up

Example: employees are entitled to 5 hours fo Vacation twice a month, with a cap at 120 hours. They also have 2 days of Floating Holidays accrued at the beginning of the year, to be used during the year.

Account set up: 

  • one account Vacation, ponctual (not a category)
  • one account category Floating Holidays, with accrual / consumption period being calendar year

Accrual set up :

  • Create a profile named "5 Vacation + 2 Floating Holidays"
  • Accrual for Floating Holidays is set up directly in the profile --> value 2
  • Accrual for Vacation is set up with an accrual rule for profile "5 Vacation + 2 Floating Holidays", of value 5 twice a month with a cap for accrual.


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