Create a record of balances, absences or absence statistics

Before you get started

You can view data from Timmi Absences via two modules, which you can access in the Reports menu. Two sub-menus are available:

  • Dashboard: to access data integrated into a graph (the dashboard has its own dedicated help sheet)
  • Customized reports: to create reports on the fly or search for your saved reports.

Create a report

Several report types are available, depending on the data you want to view.

Each type of report is explained in a dedicated help sheet:

To configure your report, choose:

  • A date/period: specific periods are pre-saved and available in the drop-down menu, but you can also select a customized period.
  • Your report’s columns: some are suggested by default, and you can edit or reorder them by clicking on "Edit columns". If you have the HR file, you will also be able to access the columns for additional data associated with employees.
  • Filters and options: by default, data for all users and all accounts are shown and no totals are calculated. However, you can select specific filters and calculate a total per account, for example.

After you select the options, click on "View results" to generate the results and view them in the module. A table then appears in Timmi Absences.

Download the report data

You can download the result files in Excel (including totals rows) or CSV (raw data) formats.

Save a report

If you plan to reuse your report, you can save its configuration by giving it a unique name. Simply click on "Save configuration" at the top right once you have generated the results.

Once saved, the report will appear on the homepage in the list of saved reports. Click on the report you want to directly access the updated results.

Edit a displayed or saved report

To edit the report’s configuration (for example, to apply the report to a different period, add a total or change the order of columns), simply click on the report and re-open the configuration panel by clicking on the "Edit report" pencil at the end of the row.

Make your changes, display the results again and click on "Save changes", which is still at the top right. To edit the name, click on the small "Edit name" pencil, next to the report’s name.

To delete a report, click on the small waste bin at the right-hand side of the row:

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