Follow developments and suggest improvements for Lucca products

Before you get started

Dear Lucca users, we would suggest that you follow and contribute to the roadmap of our software using the ProductBoard platform. We put a portal at your disposal for consolidating the developments in progress and under study for all of our products.

How to access the portal

Here is the link to portal, and you can also access it directly from your Lucca solution.

How to use the portals

Follow the developments we are working on

On the portals, we provide a list of the changes we are thinking about, on which we are currently working or that are already available in production. The portal is split into several tabs, which are themselves subdivided into several topical sections.


The cards in each section set out the vision for a given change in a few lines with an illustration, if necessary. In the Under study tab, you will mainly find cards prompting you to specify your use case or internal operations, so that you can dig deeper into a need or development idea.

Voting for the developments with the greatest impact

You can help us prioritize the changes to be made to our software. To do this, click on a card, indicate the degree of importance you attach to it, leave a comment to explain the reason and specify your use case properly.


Suggesting your own ideas

At the top right of each portal, you will find the following button:


Use it to display the short form that will allow you to share a product improvement idea with us. The team in charge of the product will directly receive your suggestion, thereby adding to the team's reflection on the subjects to be analyzed in greater depth in order to improve the product.

A response is not systematic when an idea is shared (our teams receive hundreds of ideas per week). Rest assured that every idea is properly studied are then sorted by major area.
Our product teams use these ideas to add to the list of changes that will be in the best interests of all of our users.


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