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The Dashboard presents some key indicators of leave and absence monitoring, in a graph format. It is accessible in the Reports module, to users with the "View Dashboard" permission, and provides access to establishment-level consolidated data.

These pre-formatted graphs are not downloadable in Excel. However, you can save the graph image.

Changes in absenteeism

The absenteeism rate, found in the Dashboard and in the Statistics report, is calculated individually. You can decide whether or not an account should be included in the calculation from the account settings, under ‘Absenteeism’ in advanced options. This setting is activated on all accounts by default, except for paid leave, seniority, extra days for splitting paid leave and Comp days.

You can check each account’s settings by downloading the list of accounts via Settings Accounts.

To monitor absenteeism, you can access an annual overview and a month-by-month view: 

  • This allows you to compare the absenteeism rate for the current year to date and the previous year. This overview also shows you the number of absence days compared to the total number of theoretical days worked.
  • The graph showing changes in absenteeism over 2 years allows you to see the number of absence days on a month-by-month basis for the previous year and the current year.

What absences are taken into consideration?

All approved absences and absences pending approval for accounts set up as absenteeism.

To set up an account as absenteeism, go to Settings Accounts, click on Edit to the right of the account you want to configure and activate the Absenteeism setting in advanced options.

Monitoring approval

To monitor approval, you can view the allocation by request status made by employees over the last 30 days. You also have access to the number of requests made late, i.e. after the first absence day.

Absences pending approval are also included in the Absence report. You can also see a record of the user’s requests on the Timmi Absences homepage.

Requests for paid leave

This graph shows leave taken month by month, comparing the current year and the previous year. 

What absences are taken into consideration?

Absences taken into consideration are those on accounts linked to the Leave, Comp days, Seniority and Extra days for splitting paid leave categories. Absences pending approval are counted.

Sick leave history

This graph allows you to monitor sick leave absences by account. 

What absences are taken into consideration?

Only absences on accounts linked to the “Sick leave” category are taken into consideration. 


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