Notifications Sent to Anytime Card Holders

Background information

As part of the Anytime service, your employees could receive two types of emails. Below are the sample emails that can be sent to them.

Linking a user to a card

When you link a user to an Anytime card, Cleemy Expenses will automatically send an email to the employee in question explaining to them that an Anytime card was assigned to them.

This email explains in detail how the cards work and the process for getting the PIN code (so you do not have to provide the employee’s PIN code with their card).

Hello Jessica Berry,

An Anytime bank card has been assigned to you to pay for your expense in Cleemy Expenses. Your manager Daniel Hernandez will provide it to you soon...if he hasn't already.

How do you use your new card?

  • When you use your card to pay for work expenses, the expenses are sent to Cleemy Expenses in real-time. Simply fill them in and your expense report is ready.

  • Do you usually use character recognition for your receipts? Don’t change anything: Cleemy Expenses automatically links the receipts with the bank transaction.

  • Your Anytime card is a MasterCard. You can use it almost anywhere, abroad, online or to take out cash (depending on your manager’s choices).

How to retrieve your PIN code?

1. Using Cleemy Expenses’s web version

  • Go into the ‘Expenses’ tab
  • Click on the card that appears beside your name
  • Enter your card’s CVC
  • Your PIN code will appear for 20s before being hidden

You can repeat this process whenever you want to view your PIN code.

2. Using the Cleemy Expenses mobile app

  • Go to the ‘Situation’ tab
  • Wait a few seconds: your card’s available balance will appear. Below this, there will be a link for retrieving your PIN code
  • Enter your card’s CVC
  • Your PIN code will appear for 20s before being hidden

So my company handed me the keys to the cash drawer?

Not quite.

  • Your Anytime card is a debit card: you can’t spend more than the amount put on your card by your company. The balance is generally reloaded automatically with your spending, but if you need to make an exceptional purchase, contact your manager.

  • The funds placed on your card are an advance on expenses. This means that these amounts will be deducted from your next expense report reimbursements, until the expenses you have submitted counterbalance the advance you received.

  • Did you accidentally use your card for a personal purchase? Don’t worry. Delete this expense from Cleemy Expenses and pay your next expenses using your personal payment methods to reimburse the advance you received.

How do I navigate advances, my expenses and my card’s balance?

Indeed, that could be a headache... If we hadn’t provided a table that explains your situation and the balance available on your card.

  • In the mobile app, open the menu and go into the ‘My Anytime card’ entry

  • On the browser version of Cleemy Expenses, go into the ‘Situation & History’ tab.

For everything there is to know about your Anytime card: FAQ.

Have a great day!

When reloading or emptying a card

When money moves around on a card (whether being reloaded or removed), the employee is informed by email.

In this email, their new advances balance is indicated, showing their financial situation regarding the company.

Hello Jessica Berry,

€2.00 were credited to your Anytime bank card by your employer. Your card’s available balance after being reloaded is €19.00.

The amount reloaded is an advance on expenses, which will be deducted from your next reimbursements. Your remaining balance to deduct is now €10.00. For more information about your situation, go to the ‘Situation & expense reports’ tab in Cleemy Expenses using your browser, or the ‘Situation’ page on your mobile app.

Have a question about your Anytime card? Visit our FAQ page.

Have a great day!

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